Example Upload on figshare

To upload a file to the figshare, one needs to use the standard figshare API, coupled with the figshare upload system API. A full script that lists articles before and after the new article and file are created would look like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import hashlib
import json
import os

import requests
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError

BASE_URL = 'https://api.figshare.com/v2/{endpoint}'
TOKEN = '<insert access token here>'
CHUNK_SIZE = 1048576

FILE_PATH = '/path/to/work/directory/cat.obj'
TITLE = 'A 3D cat object model'

def raw_issue_request(method, url, data=None, binary=False):
    headers = {'Authorization': 'token ' + TOKEN}
    if data is not None and not binary:
        data = json.dumps(data)
    response = requests.request(method, url, headers=headers, data=data)
            data = json.loads(response.content)
        except ValueError:
            data = response.content
    except HTTPError as error:
        print 'Caught an HTTPError: {}'.format(error.message)
        print 'Body:\n', response.content

    return data

def issue_request(method, endpoint, *args, **kwargs):
    return raw_issue_request(method, BASE_URL.format(endpoint=endpoint), *args, **kwargs)

def list_articles():
    result = issue_request('GET', 'account/articles')
    print 'Listing current articles:'
    if result:
        for item in result:
            print u'  {url} - {title}'.format(**item)
        print '  No articles.'

def create_article(title):
    data = {
        'title': title  # You may add any other information about the article here as you wish.
    result = issue_request('POST', 'account/articles', data=data)
    print 'Created article:', result['location'], '\n'

    result = raw_issue_request('GET', result['location'])

    return result['id']

def list_files_of_article(article_id):
    result = issue_request('GET', 'account/articles/{}/files'.format(article_id))
    print 'Listing files for article {}:'.format(article_id)
    if result:
        for item in result:
            print '  {id} - {name}'.format(**item)
        print '  No files.'


def get_file_check_data(file_name):
    with open(file_name, 'rb') as fin:
        md5 = hashlib.md5()
        size = 0
        data = fin.read(CHUNK_SIZE)
        while data:
            size += len(data)
            data = fin.read(CHUNK_SIZE)
        return md5.hexdigest(), size

def initiate_new_upload(article_id, file_name):
    endpoint = 'account/articles/{}/files'
    endpoint = endpoint.format(article_id)

    md5, size = get_file_check_data(file_name)
    data = {'name': os.path.basename(file_name),
            'md5': md5,
            'size': size}

    result = issue_request('POST', endpoint, data=data)
    print 'Initiated file upload:', result['location'], '\n'

    result = raw_issue_request('GET', result['location'])

    return result

def complete_upload(article_id, file_id):
    issue_request('POST', 'account/articles/{}/files/{}'.format(article_id, file_id))

def upload_parts(file_info):
    url = '{upload_url}'.format(**file_info)
    result = raw_issue_request('GET', url)

    print 'Uploading parts:'
    with open(FILE_PATH, 'rb') as fin:
        for part in result['parts']:
            upload_part(file_info, fin, part)

def upload_part(file_info, stream, part):
    udata = file_info.copy()
    url = '{upload_url}/{partNo}'.format(**udata)

    data = stream.read(part['endOffset'] - part['startOffset'] + 1)

    raw_issue_request('PUT', url, data=data, binary=True)
    print '  Uploaded part {partNo} from {startOffset} to {endOffset}'.format(**part)

def main():
    # We first create the article
    article_id = create_article(TITLE)

    # Then we upload the file.
    file_info = initiate_new_upload(article_id, FILE_PATH)
    # Until here we used the figshare API; following lines use the figshare upload service API.
    # We return to the figshare API to complete the file upload process.
    complete_upload(article_id, file_info['id'])

if __name__ == '__main__':

Output of Script

This is an example of how the script would output on an account with no added articles or files yet.

Listing current articles:
  No articles.

Created article: https://api.figshare.com/v2/account/articles/2012182

Listing current articles:
  https://api.figshare.com/v2/articles/2012182 - A 3D cat object model

Listing files for article 2012182:
  No files.

Initiated file upload: https://api.figshare.com/v2/account/articles/2012182/files/3008150

Uploading parts:
  Uploaded part 1 from 0 to 213325

Listing files for article 2012182:
  3008150 - cat.obj